Friday, April 26, 2013

Reminded by something that Marsha Norman said...

My play, Eliminated, was read at the WCT's lab last night, and it went well. Still have a couple of points to work out, but I was pleased. And I had a good time with my fellow members after. This morning, I feel like a playwright, and I'm reminded of something Marsha Norman said. I went back and found it, so here it is.

From: A Life in the Theatre-The Dramatist-November/December 2011:

"We are a great tribe of writers and it takes all of us writing all the time to write the two or three plays that are going to be remembered from any given year. We don't know whether it's going to be one of ours this year or not, but every year that we write, we get to nominate somebody, some characters in crisis, for permanent memory. It's important to remember that the decision is way out there. For example, we don't know, at this moment, if any Neil LaBute plays will ever be remembered or done. We don't know if plays by the wonderful Annie Baker will be remembered or done. We might not even know the answer in our lifetime. I think that's a part of the humility and the understanding of being a writer. It's the role you play in society and it's crucial that you keep doing it! Do not let your critics or your family get in the way of getting your body of work done. When your body of work is done, then you can go ride horses or whatever you're going to do in your post-writing years."

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