Theatres and Theatre Companies I Like:
Cherry Lane Theatre
Berliner Ensemble
Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Goodman Theatre
Moscow Art Theatre

Michael Thomas Cain as Ed

Staged Reading of Still Where Vanished Landmarks Were (2010)

(1st from the left)

Oberon Originals


Oberon Theatre Ensemble has established a proud tradition of staged readings of original plays, dating from our very first year. Here are some of the plays we have read.
The Starship Astrov, by Duncan Pflaster
The Family Shakespeare, by David Stallings
Where Art Lives, Michael Thomas Cain
The Necessary Disposal, by Bob Ost
Cannibals Alone, by Steph DeFerie
Turn Around, Jimmy Booker, by Richard Alfredo
Insecurity! the Recession-Proof Musical, Music, Lyrics and Book by Mickey Zetts
The Harvesters & Paint, by Zack Calhoon

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DON'T TALK TO ME OF LOVE by Pauline Carey

Directed by Rachel Rubin Ladutke
Michael Thomas Cain as William Godwin

The Looking Glass Theatre ~ June 14-17, 2001

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