Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For me, Sam Shepard starts off the 2012 New York theatre season!

The 2012 New York theatre season is starting, and I have a long list of events to check out this year, and some of my tickets have already been purchased. I'm more excited about this season than I've been in a long time. I think there's some interesting stuff being circulated, and despite my sometimes negative attitude toward the state of the American theatre, I'm optimistic about the chances being taken on established and new work. I'll admit, I feel a change.

I saw this last night, and the style, themes, language, direction, and presentation had such a huge impact on me. It's some of the best Sam Shepard work that I've experienced.

My Fringe play has been over for about a month, and I've been trying to regroup and figure out how to proceed with my work and career, but after experiencing HEARTLESS, I'm motivated to write. I want to write. I want to sit alone and revise and start new projects and create worlds and moments and characters and stories that have meaning. This production confirmed a few things in me, and this artist is ready to proceed. Thank you Mr. Shepard and to everyone involved with this powerful production.

What motivates you? What direction will you move into as we settle into the fall?

I've also decided to slowly start broadening my theatre horizons; I want to start experiencing productions that move out of my comfort zone or away from things that I naturally like.


With that said, I saw this last weekend, and I was truly amazed by this theatrical, entertaining, inspiring, and great production.

Here's what's coming up for me:


Steppenwolf's WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? by Edward Albee

Chaplin The Musical

Mamet's GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS with Al Pacino and an all star cast

What are you seeing next?

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